Friday, January 30, 2009

Feature Friday

I can't believe it is Friday again and time for another showcase for one of my friends. Today I am going to introduce you to Annette from Dragon House of Yuen. She lives in Scotland and has two bunnies by the names of Arabella and Wesley. You can read all about their adventures here. While I like bunnies I don't think they are as cool as goats - no insult intended Annette! I am after all a goat.

You have read about Annette before because she has featured me in some of the beautiful Treasuries she makes on etsy.

Annette is talented in many different ways; she makes the most adorable soft sculpture hares with the most adorable eyes I have ever seen next to mine of course.

She also offers very well made and original cards in her shop.

She also works in mixed media collage. I think that would look beautiful in my goat house when I redecorate!

But I think what I like most about Annette's many talents is browsing through her watercolors. She has a gallery on her website where you can view her available works and already sold pieces. Plus you can commission her to paint a watercolor of your pet. I think I am going to have to talk to my publicist about this. My beautiful face should be preserved forever by a great artist - don't you think?

Annette is also very involved in trying to rescue bunnies that have lost their homes. I think all animals deserve a good home. She has donated one of her beautiful Arabella bags (not this one but one like it) to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society for the annual raffle. Tickets are $1.00 each and paypal is available. So why not try and win a beautiful bag and help a bunny?


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