Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award

Hooray! I am so excited. Again. I think people are getting excited about the Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award. Our publicist found our soap in two treasuries last night so it is my great honor to bestow the award on:

MemoriestoYou for this list full of soapy treasures. She featured our Maaaaaaassage Bar Scented with Cherry Cordial amonst all the other lovely bath and beauty products. Her shop is full of pretty memory boards in all different shapes and sizes. I think this one would look good in my goat house. What do you think?

The second list was made by that Treasury Queen of the Big Sky Montana Team, Judy Elizabeth of JudyElizabethsFlock. She makes the most adorable soft sculpture lambs. She picked the Herd of Goats listing which shows an adorable photo of Michael and Sarah when they were kids. I think Judy Elizabeth is trying to wallpaper her house with her awards.


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