Monday, January 26, 2009

Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award

Oh boy! Time to present The Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award. This is what makes my job as spokesgoat so much fun; I love giving out this award.

I learned of a sea urchin themed treasury curated by mmarielle She creates beautiful bottles, urns and amphorae but I think my favorite is this. The problem is, I would probably eat any flowers placed in it! So please visit the list and check out the beautiful shop. You will love what you see.

My Abby and Nora soap in the Strawberry Heaven scent is in a colorful list from the Treasury Queen of the Big Sky Montana Team - Judy Elizabeth from JudyElizabethsFlock. I am sure you remember reading about her adorable soft sculpture lambs in this post. Her shop is chock full of adorable lambs.

A big THANK YOU to both curators for thinking of me when they made their lists.


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