Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coveted Scratch of the Tail Award

Wowzers! New treasuries opened and nice etsy folk have again featured my soaps!

My very popular Sea Urchin soap was in a list curated by eclipse. Her shop is lots of fun to browse through. I think that if I wore this I might not be as cold. I also might buy this and put it in Michael's pen - it might take some of the stink away but I doubt it. There is no hope of taking Michael's stink away - he is a buck.

The second list comes courtesy of another Montanan - AsianExpressions. Uyen has been kind enough to feature me before and I thank her again for showing my Rich Goat's Milk Soap Scented with Sandalwood. I wrote about her beautiful kimonos before but they are worth mentioning again. I still would like to have this for my goat house. But Abigail would probably eat it!


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