Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I just want to say that I am a NIGERIAN dwarf goat. My roots are in AFRICA. Where it is WARM. I don't mean to shout but it is COLD today. And windy. Which makes it feel even colder. I have spent my entire life in cold places (as far as I know - I think I was born in Idaho but I can't remember that far back) but that doesn't mean I like them. This year has been very snowy and very cold and this goat is having a hissy fit. Today we came out of the barn and the wind was blowing and it was very, very, very, very ,very,very,very cold. I have to say our publicist is good about these things; she doesn't like the cold either so she put us back into our warm barn. She also cares about our little goat feet - she puts hay down where we walk so we don't have to stand on the snow all the time.

Now yesterday was beautiful. It was still cold, but the sun was shining. There is nothing a goat likes more than to bask in the sun, well except for maybe grain, or apples, or pears, or carrots. I spent most of yesterday in my favorite place enjoying the beautiful sunshine and chewing my cud.

On days like that it is good to be a goat.


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