Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

I am sure like many of you females out there in the world that no matter what your species - THERE IS NO UNDERSTANDING MALES. We have two males on our farm, Michael and Luke. Male goats are called bucks for the educational portion of today's blog...Michael is my son and Luke came to us from a farm in Spokane, Washington. I will, as I mentioned in another post, be interviewing them so you can get to know them better but I thought you would like to see them first.

Yesterday my publicist/udder massage specialist took her camera out while the boys were uh, engaging with each other. Now, I watch the boys everyday; I am after all a doe and what doe does not like to look at a handsome buck? Even after daily viewing I can't tell if they are playing or trying to kill each other! They stand on their hind legs and bang their heads together so hard sometimes. Perhaps this explains their, hmmmmm, stubbornness. Yes, let's just call it stubbornness.

You don't know any males like that, do you?


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