Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Favorite Post - What is The Maaaaa of Pricilla

For my final post I bring you my favorite post of all. It came about when my Aunt Nora was upset one day. So I ruminated and ruminated and came up with my philosophy which is The Maaaaa of Pricilla.  This  post will stay up so that anyone who comes to visit my blog in the future will see it.

I again than everyone who came to visit to read my maaaas and to leave comments. I hope my little world brought you some smiles. I will show up on the publicist's blog now and again so I'm not disappearing. I hope I will see you all over there.

This is my philosophy which is The Maaaaa of Pricilla. I thought I would share it with all of you.

Only work with people you like; butt the others out of your life.

Play like a kid; hop, leap and frolic.

Eat what you love; burp with abandon.

 Bask in the sun; this is why we have the sun.

Love your herd; they have your back.

 I hope you enjoyed this - I try and live by it everyday.


  1. I think this is the perfect note on which to end your blog, Pricilla! I will be looking for you on the publicist's blog.

  2. A wonderful conclusion to the saga of your blog. See you at your Publicist's--I am sure you and the Kitties will convince her to share and share alike. Say, that could be part of your philosophy, too! XOXOXOXO My Beautiful Goatie Friend

  3. That's a purrfect conclusion to your blog ; we love your philosophy ! We're looking forward to seeing you here and there at the publicist's blog. Purrs

  4. We so agree with everyone else. That was such a good way to end your blog and we sure will visit you over at Broken Teepee. You take good care Pricilla..

  5. Pricilla we will miss your wisdom. You are such a great teacher of Goat behavior, and Goat style. I've learned so much. We carry a bit of you in our hearts and minds. Best, Cate

  6. Best of luck Pricilla. I will miss you. Keep checking this blog cos a web site that is not used is a prime target for hackers and malware.

  7. We love this too, Pricilla. Wise words to live by. We'll miss your maaaaaa'ing. But we hope to see you occasionally over at the publicist's blog.

  8. Enjoy your retirement, Priscilla. I will miss seeing you everyday, but I know how it is--you get tired and just want to relax. I'm getting like that too. Love you, old friend. XOXOX

  9. Farwell Pricilla. We have enjoyed everything you maaawwed about over the years. We will miss hearing from you each day, but it is time for you to retire to a life of leisure & relaxation. We hope to see you on the other blog, just to see how you are enjoying retirement.

  10. Priscilla, this is a perfect post to close on. You're a very wise goat with a playful heart of gold. Thank you for making us smile.

    Glogirly, Katie and Waffles

  11. We are wishing you the most relaxamicating retirement, Mrs. Pricilla.

    But we haf a question. Owr Ant Ree (hooman bean) retired last yeer and do you kno wat she does now? She's a nanny!!! She was a nurse before and took care of little bitty hooman kids.

    We are wondering if this means you haf to be a nurse now?

    Thank you for sharing all of your wisdom with us, we haf learned so much from you! We will keep watching for you on the Publicist's blog.

    Love & hugs & purrs,
    Buddy, Jazzy, Cuzzin Cavalli & all the critters at Happy Fields Farm

  12. Congratulations on your retirement, Pricilla. I hope your next journey is just as fruitful. I can see you leading a hen circle of some kind, but for goats. Thank you for all the lovely pictures and your view of life on the farm. And maybe you and Abby can finally have a sit down. :)

  13. You will be missed, Pricilla, but your maaaa is a good one.

  14. This is my punishment for taking you for granted. :( Just when I made a resolution to finally dig out of my self pity and engage with all of you who have been so loyal to me, you are going away! But at least our hardworking, ever-faithful Jersey Girl Publicist will still journey with us, sharing her wit and wisdom. Thank you. xo

  15. So you are now retired as the publicist. I loved reading your how I came to live on the happy goat farm a few posts ago. Thanks for the smile.

    Thank you for your kind words on the loss of Cameron. It is never easy to lose a furry family member, so your support has been greatly appreciated!

    Jan & Funny Farmers

  16. Very good tips and adorable pictures !


Maaaaaa away....


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