Friday, January 9, 2015

I'm a Winner!

Not Pricilla.
Me - AbbyGoat.
The publicist entered the BlogPaws Photo Contest for December.
She sent in two pictures.

One of the utterly glorious ME.
And one of one of the stupid Farm Cats.

She heard today that MY photo won.

Of COURSE it did.
I'm AbbyGoat.
How could I NOT win?


  1. Abby, that is a really awesome photo of you! Even though I'm a kitty, I have to admit it.

  2. Congrats to you AbbyGoat. That is good stuff. That is one great picture of you. You all have a great day.

  3. We thought we saw you on the BlogPaws site. Concats!

  4. Oh, COOL! Congratulations! So, you are a supergoat model now?

  5. The second you entered it was NO contest!

  6. Abbygoat, how could anyone gaze at you in all your glorious natural beauty & not vote for you? The others didn't stand a chance, sad but true. Two of the attributes we love most about you Abbygoat is your humility & the graceful way you accept this well-deserved honor. I'm sure you have already thanked the Publicist for entering your photo. She must be very proud. Is that one of the Farm Cats I hear weeping? Some creatures are just sore losers. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight Abby!

  7. Abby- maybe it is because you are promoting green stuff and that's good ecology. But you are beautiful.

  8. we SAW your face, Abby, on BlogPaws! We did! Concatulations!


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