Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am Retiring

It's true.
I would not lie.
I am an old goat.
I am tired.
I have been writing this blog since 2009 and I think I have maaaaaed all I have to maaa.

The publicist is tired too.
It is hard for her to manage two blogs.

This does not mean that you won't be able to see us goats.
The publicist is going to post about us on HER blog on a regular basis.
The Farm cats too.
She hopes you will go over to it and visit.
She will also be showing photos on her facebook page so you can follow there to see what we are up too.

For the rest of this week I will be posting my favorite posts from the last years.
I can't tell you how honored I have been that you have all come to read what this little goat has had to maaaaaa. It warms my heart.

Know that I have enjoyed sharing my life and the antics of the goats and Farm cats with all of you.
The blog will remain up if you want to come and look through the old posts. At least for a while.

And always remember The Maaaaaa of Pricilla. It's very good advice if I do maaaaa so myself


  1. Pricilla, we are so very lucky to have been welcomed into your online family. Though we're sorry to hear you're retiring, we totally understand. And we're really looking forward to keeping up with you and the farm cats on the publicist's blog and on Facebook. Thank you for opening our eyes and hearts... we never knew we could fall in love with a goat until we met you.
    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  2. Sorry to hear that you are retiring. Happy Retirement!!! <3

  3. OMC! We LOVE you Pricilla, even though we has been so terrible about visiting. We will bookmark (yes, we are old and that's how we roll) your Publicist's other blog and try to do better with visiting in the very near future. I tell ya, my dearest goatie girl, if the Human doesn't start helping me visit more, I am afraid she will make me stop posting on my one and only blog! Horrors--I better go BITE her XOXOXOXOXOXO

  4. Pricilla, I'm so sorry to hear you're retiring. Of course, I'll be looking for your, the Farm Cats and the rest of your goat family on the Publicist's blog. But I'll miss coming to your very own space.

  5. We're sorry to hear you're retiring, but we hope you enjoy a wonderful retirement. We'll keep up with you and the rest of the farm's adventures the on the Publicist's blog, for sure, but we're glad we got to meet you here on your own blog. You're a remarkable goat!

  6. I hope you have many happy years of retirement, Pricilla! I will look forward to seeing photos of you (and maybe a guest opinion or two) on her blog.

    Uh oh....What is Abby going to say? Tee hee.

  7. oh wow...this is big news. i will have to switch over!

  8. I will miss hearing your Maaaa, Pricilla, but I will be happy to read about you on the Publicist's other blog. I have enough trouble with just one blog to write, but I'm going to try to do better this year. Enjoy your retirement!

  9. Aw I'm sad to hear this. I visit your blog every morning. It is the start of my day. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep the blog going. I wish you a happy retirement. I do visit the Publicist's blog occasionally, I'll do so more often so I can see you guys.

    Question:: Is Alex the terror goat still around? How does he like the new little ones?


    1. Alex the Terror goat has left the Farm. Most of the young boy goats do.

  10. awww I am going to miss you but am very happy to hear that, since I get your other blog's emails, I won't miss you quite as much. I look SO forward to your daily pics/videos and truly hope you keep those up. Good luck to you old gal! xoxo

  11. We sure will miss seeing you each day but will visit you all on the publicist's blog :) Have a purrfect retirement!

  12. Happy Retirement Pricilla, you've earned it! I go to Broken Teepee all the time, too, so I hope you see you and the rest of the critters there now.

  13. Wishing you well in your retirement.. know that if you feel like it you can come back.. a lot of retired people do..

  14. we completely understand but will miss your updates...we follow the publicist and know we will see you all over there.

  15. WAAAAHHHHHH! Yesterday as a joke I was gonna tell you not to give up the blog but I erased it. Good luck on your retirement, Pricilla. I feel like I only got to know you. Ciao as they say in Rome.

  16. Well, we admit, we're a little sad to hear this news. But we wish you well in your retirement, Pricilla. And we look forward to seeing the other goats and cats on the publicist's other blog. And if we hope and purray, maybe we'll see you there too!

  17. We understand you wanting to retire Pricilla but we're going to miss you! We'll check out the publicist's blog to keep up on you and everyone at the Happy Goat and Cat Farm!

  18. We'll miss you, Pricilla, but we fully understand. We're very happy to have met you online, and we're looking forward to seeing you and the farm cats from time to time on the publicist's blog and on Facebook. Good luck on your retirement ! Purrs

  19. I kind of quit too because of my human. Enjoy your retirement. I like mine.

  20. Okay, could you please not add to my good-byes! This makes me really sad as you were one of my very first blog friends, Priscilla. But I get it---there are only so many stories, you know?

    Love you, goat friend.

  21. Thanks for the maaaaw-me-ries Pricillia. You have done a spectaclar job maaawing about life on the farm. We hope to see you enjoying retirement from time to time on the Publicist's other blog. Of course, no one maws the way you do. You have become an internet icon, famous spokesgoat & chic goature fashion model sensation during your career. You have accomplished much more than most goats could ever dream of achieving & you are loved by many. You have earned your retirement - enjoy it!

  22. Awww. I am sorry to hear this, but we all do reach retirement age.

  23. Pricilla, we'll all miss you! Happy Retirement and looking forward to seeing what you are up to on the Publicist's blog.


Maaaaaa away....


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