Monday, January 5, 2015

First Time Treet-ters

We only get Tree-t once a year.
I do not think this is fair but it is what it is.
The publicist says that she only gets a Christmas Tree once a year.
So I guess it makes sense that we therefore only get Tree-t once.
But I am still bummed.

Tree-t is tasty.

This was the first time those rotten little kids had gotten to taste Tree-t.
Did they stay and eat the Tree-t in their pen?

Of course not!
They came and ate my Tree-t!

Needless to maaaa they found it quite yummy.
And they kept eating it!
Not to mention eating my GRAIN as well.

Don't get me wrong.
I am glad they are growing big and strong.
They are my great grandkids.

But they are
They like to climb on me.
I am an old goat.
This is why the publicist has put in my very own special pen.

When those three are over here "visiting" it's enough to drive a goat.....

Right into her goathouse for a little bit of peace and quiet.
It's nice the publicist gives me a pile of hay in there.
Those little piggies kids eat my hay too!


  1. We think that Christmas should come about once a week at your house...

  2. We think that you should have several Christmas trees ! Purrs

  3. That's too bad your peace and quiet was disturbed!

  4. Oh Pricilla, we are sorry that the kids keep bothering you, but kids will be kids. Just give them a good BAAAA. You all stay warm.

  5. How adorable! I didn't know goats liked trees so much. Love that pic of the goat & chicken-in-a-pot !

  6. Pricilla, in human land the grandparents can send the little ones home when they get tired of them. Maybe you should look into this option.

  7. Simply adorable.
    Happy New Year.

  8. it would appear that you need a bodyguard :)

  9. Next year you should have your own tree-t all to yourself, Pricilla. And those kids are getting bigger!

  10. We think you should get your own little tree-t Pricilla! It's nice you have your own pen though. Next stop is the yurt!

  11. You shouldn't have to share your treet-t, Pricilla! You're a famous goat, so it should be all yours! It's great that you have your own pen so you can have peace and quiet... most of the time, at least.

  12. Too bad she didn’t put half of your tree-t in there too.

  13. I'll bet they sure had fun noshing on their very first tree-t!!! Do they realize this is only a once a year thing?


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