Thursday, January 8, 2015

Farm Cat Friday - But I'M Comfortable

Sherpa the Farm cat here.
I do not understand the publicist sometimes.
I think she is there to make me comfortable.

She says I am "in the way of her getting things done."
As if.
She doesn't need two arms to get her things done.

I also don't think she should be taking pictures of me like this either.
So I tried to rip the camera out of her one remaining hand.
Sadly, it did not work.
Just goes to show that she really does NOT need two arms as she claims.

I am going to sleep now.
I am comfortable.
As it should be.


  1. Sherpa, maybe I am a slacker because I sleep BEHIND my human while she's working and she gets to use both her hands.

  2. Sherpa, well done holding down one of the Publicist's hands. You comfort is the utmost of importance. You all have a great day and stay warm.

  3. HI Patty! How the heck are you? The new blog looks great! Been awhile since I've been over here. But so glad to see you doing so well! Going through all my old blog posts to fix links etc and came across an article about the forever cute baby harry. Love me some black and whites! Hope you are well my friend!

  4. Sherpa, we bet she absolutely loved you holding her down! Kitties have that kinda power over humans.

  5. And yet, she’s still snapping away with the flashy box. Great close ups though. Stay warm!

  6. that is what cat ladies are for. you are supposed to lay on them!

  7. You showed her what's really impawtant ! Purrs

  8. Sherpa, we hope you stayed there for as long as you wanted.

  9. Everybody knows that the other arm is simply a spare.

  10. Humans can be such a trial sometimes. But dang, those opposable thumbs open cans well, don't they?


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