Monday, December 1, 2014

The Farm Cats Get Some New Treats

The publicist was sent some new treats for the Farm cats.
I wonder why she is never sent net treats for ME?
Am I not a good SpokesGoat?
Would I not look nice in a movie chewing off the publicist's fingers?

The Farm cats got some new treats.

Harry gave them a good sniff.
In fact there are no photos of what happened next but he knocked the bag over and tried to EAT it!
The BAG.

They are called Delightibles and the publicist let the Farm cats review them on her blog. You can read all about them HERE The company sent her monies an the Farm cat treats. I think I should get monies and treats. She is going to put the monies towards the Santa Kitty Toy Hop for AniMeals. She thinks that the kitties there deserve some Holiday Cheer. Her blog friend Texan sent something up for the kitties too so it will be a very Merry Christmas for them. Since she is so far away she is going to get things from their Amazon Wishlist plus some things they didn't know they wanted. Like Delightibles. But she will keep her fingers far away from any cat mouths.


  1. Just not your day to post I guess. Tomorrow will be better. Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. It's the Blogger gremlins at work again.
    The good news is the farm cats got treats! : )

  3. Treats are can't eat money. :)

  4. They didn’t send me monies. Am I not a stunning kitteh? There’s actually a funny story that I may blog about. First time TW handed me one, I snubbed it. Today Pop axed TW is she had some treats I wouldn’t eat to give him friend’s cat. She showed him the Delightables and I was immediately innerested. I couldn’t eat them fast enough. TW decided to keep them and now I won’t look at them again.

    1. You are your own kitteh for sure CK. I think you should ax for them again in about a month and really drive TW crazy

  5. Kitties getting yummy treats and you not just isn't fair!


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