Friday, December 26, 2014

MORE Snow!

We woke up today to MORE snow!
What is going on.
The male person says it's winter and we should be happy it's snowing.
The male person is crazy.

Luke the goat did not seem very upset by it.
He just prowled around his pen.

The publicist found some tracks up by the barn in the snow.
Do you know what made these?

Can you guess?
Here is a close up if you need some help.... seems we have some winter boarders around the Farm.
Did you guess yet?

Did you guess bunny rabbit?
If you did you are right!
It's a good thing Sherpa the Farm cat is not going outside much right now as he has a tendency towards erm, apprehending bunny rabbits.

She found other tracks too.
Can you guess what tracks these are?

Did you guess yet?
I'm sure you did!

They are mine!
And there are the publicist's.

I'm keeping track too....bwamaaahahahaha.


  1. So many tracks to guess ! That's a funny game ! Purrs

  2. i wish i had something to make tracks in. it's sunny and in the 60's here. blah!

  3. One good thing about snow, you can see who's been around.
    We have never seen any bunny tracks or bunnies for that matter.
    We purr you all had a great Christmas :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. I didn’t think you liked the snow, Pricilla! That bunny rabbit better be careful or the Publicist may have herself a new pair of glove and may be cooking Hasenpfeffer for New Year’s.

  5. Brrr! We're with Sherpa! That looks cold! (But Allie might brave the snow for a shot at a bunny....)

  6. You have SNOW bunnies????

    I swear Pricilla... you and the farm cats get ALL the cool stuff!

    : )

  7. You are SO funny! That's a very nice picture of your home with the Publicist's showing too.


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