Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Do Not Understand You Humans

I just don't
Every single year the male person brings home a perfectly tasty tree and then what does he do with it?

He takes it into the yurt!
He puts sparkly lights on it.
Then the publicist hangs all kind of inedible things on it.

She calls them "ornaments."
She says they make her happy.

You know what makes ME happy?
EATING the tree.
Why do I have to wait?
It makes no sense AT ALL.



  1. Poor Pricilla, you have to wait even longer for your Christmas tree. But it will be so yummy when you do get it.

  2. patience goat one....soon it will be yours!

  3. Yeah. Bringing a tree into the house like that is torture for us. We wanna climb it and play with all the pretty toys on it, but all we hear is NO!

  4. but you know you will get it eventually....besides, didn't Abby sneak in the yurt once? maybe she can sneak out a snack

  5. Goats don’t eat plastic ornaments? You get the tree later on.

  6. Be patient. Give those humans who feed you some quality time with your food first, and then it will be yours.

  7. Well Pricilla, just tell'em to convert. We see no stinkin' trees at ALL over here! (MOL)


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