Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmaaaaa Carols - Oh Piney Tree, O Piney Tree

AbbyGoat here. I know you have not seen much of me lately.
I don't know why.
If you ask me I should be on this stupid blog EVERY day.

Today I am bringing you the first in this year's series of Christmaaaaa Carols so please enjoy -
O Piney Tree (sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree)

O piney tree, o piney tree
Thy needles are too far away

O piney tree, o piney tree
Thy needles are too far away

I use my chin to drag them near
So I can grab a bite so dear.

O piney tree, o piney tree
Your needles are so far away.
But I will win and eat them now
They taste so good, I'm like a sow.

O piney tree, O piney tree
Your needles now are in me.

O piney tree, o piney tree.
Your needles now are in me!*

*with all due respect to Tom T. Hall


  1. Abby, you are so creative - and industrious too!

  2. Way to go Abby. Great song and good job getting those pine needles. You all have a great day.

  3. Very entertaining Abbygoat. You made us laugh with your goat version of that christmaaa carol. Somehow, I imagined you would let out a loud belch after nomming all those pine needles. Is the pine cone for dessert?

  4. MOL! That was a great carol, AbbyGoat!

  5. Appaws! Appaws!! We have some of those trees around here and TW has brought lots of pine cones into the house for that Christmas smell. Of course, now that Fraser has moved in, he brought more smell. I don’t eat the needles though.

  6. Lots of vitamin C. Good job there.


Maaaaaa away....


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