Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmaaaaa Carol: We Three Kids

We three kids of Happy Goats Farm
Seeing something we run afar
Field and food bin, log and hay pile
Maaaaaing at things with fur.

Maaaaa, we wander. Maaaaaa, we fight!
We visit our elders when we might.
Publicist feeding, always leading
'Til she yells at us not to bite!*

If you can't see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

ps:  Did you see me hiding in my goat house?

*with all due respect to John Henry Hopkins


  1. My human says that video reminds her of US at mealtimes! Well, I guess we can be a little swarmy.

  2. Awwww. They are still so cute--even if they bite.

  3. hahaha....and we saw you over there Pricilla giving the kids a raspberry :)

  4. Well, if the skit could be the three Wise Guys, why not the three Kids!

  5. Those silly kids are just full of themselves. Is that Harley on the black bucket?? That one is really cure. Love the song.

  6. We enjoyed the goat kid lyrics. Boy, is the Publicist popular at feeding time. Have the kids figured out Harry is not a goat? They always seems so interested in him.. Yes, Pricilla, we saw you hiding in your little house, It is probably the safest place to be when the kids are practicing head butts.

  7. Those kids are curious! We did see you hiding out Pricilla and we don't blame you!

  8. Pricilla, your tongue absolutely made that clip. TW thinks it must feel cute with all those kids jumping and loving on you.

  9. What great lyrics! The Publicist really is a popular lady when it comes to mealtime, isn't she?

  10. We love your carols!!! There's nothing more appreciated than a good meal, right>?

  11. What a fabulous Christmas Carol redux!!! You kids really ought to do a whole concert!


Maaaaaa away....


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