Monday, December 29, 2014


I will tell you none of us were very happy Sunday in all of that snow.
But somegoats AbbyGoat were especially testy.

They did nothing but bark and bellow at the weather.
As if that would make things change.
I will maaaaa you something - the Goat Stare of Death does not work on Mother Nature.

Yes, I am sure about this.
So don't go giving it to me either.
I cannot do anything about the snow or cold.
And trust me - I do not like it either.

You know you don't have to hang your head out like that you silly girl.
You can tuck it inside your goat house.
The publicist did bring nice new, warm hay down to line all of them for us.

So be like Bernadette the goat.
Be smart.
You can do that, can't you?


  1. We agree Abby, that you could put your cute in the little house. But that does not look like fun in all that snow. Those are big flakes. Hope the sun comes out soon for all you goats.

  2. I'm not happy with our cold. I'm glad my human spoils me.

  3. ewwww - we are glad you have those nice warm houses....

  4. oh look at that snow!!! me me me..i want some too!!!

  5. We would bark and bellow at the snow, too.

  6. I think the Publicist should invite you into the yurt, Pricilla.

  7. That male person needs to start working on a goat yurt!

  8. We understand you Abby, but you'd better follow the advice of the wise Pricilla ! Purrs

  9. We think we'd prefer to be like the kitties in the house, offense or anything... (MOL)

  10. It looks like a good day to hunker down in your hay or straw


Maaaaaa away....


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