Friday, November 21, 2014

You Talkin' to Me?

Luke the goat here.
I was standing in my pen minding my own business.
When I heard this noise.

I just wanted to eat my breakfast so I really wasn't paying attention.
I'm a hungry boy when I come out of the barn.
And that hay is mighty tasty.

WHAT is that noise?
Oh, it's the publicist.
What is her problem?

You talkin' to me, publicist?
Are you talkin' to ME?


  1. Careful Luke... next thing you'll know you'll be saying, "You want a PIECE of me?!"
    This could get ugly. ; )

  2. Since she brings you the hay, you should be nice, Luke!

  3. Oh Luke, you are just so handsome. Publicist wins that round, since she got a great picture of you. You all have a terrific Saturday.

  4. Sheesh. Can't a boy just eat his dinner with some peace???

  5. We can't believe she interrupted your meal.

  6. Uh, oh. We kinda think the publicist better watch it!

  7. You tell her! You deserve a nice quiet breakfast.

  8. Don’t leave us in suspense, Luke. What did she want from you?


  9. Luke, not only are you hungry 1st thing in the morning, but a tad grouchy too. Your obviously not a morning kinda guy. The Publicist should at least tell you what the heck all that racket she's making is about. It's best to not bite the hand that feeds you Luke, but maybe ear plugs would help you dine in peace & quiet or a DO NOT DISTURB sign hung on your gate would let the Publicist how annoyed you are. I would still want to know what she was doing that caused all that noise, don't you Luke?


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