Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What is Nora the goat Up to Now?

Where on the Farm is Nora the Goat?
Can anyone guess?

I will give you a hint!

Silly little doe!
Can you guess now?

How about now?
That's right!
Nora the goat went into her daddy's pen!

She really did some exploring!
I don't know about these kids.
They don't stay where they are supposed to, do they?

Let's go Nora - time to go back to your pen!
Silly kid!


  1. Nora, when I was living at the cattery, I did not see much of my father either! He is kept away from the moms and kittens... for obvious reasons!

  2. Well Nora, you are driving the publicist nuts. Glad Luke is nice to you or at least we hope he is nice to you. How could he not be, you are so cute. Maybe he enjoyed your visit.

  3. As long as daddy is glad to see you, Nora, you are A-ok!

  4. When do kids EVER stay where they are suppose to? As long as Luke is ok with it...a small visit now and again wont hurt...

  5. at least Luke appears to be nice to the kids..... :)

  6. good think luke is understanding!

  7. It looks like Luke is nice with you ! Does he appreciate your visits ? Purrs

  8. Nora is adorable!!! Blessings, Catherine

  9. Hey, a kid's gotta explore, right, Nora?? ;)

  10. It's nice that Luke gets visitors from time to time though!

  11. I bet she’ll be spending time in there when she’s older. I was gonna guess that she was some place she should’t have been.

  12. The grass is always greener.....

    Is it dangerous for them to be in with him? Would he hurt them?

  13. NOra is so cute! I would go into my daddys pen too!


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