Sunday, November 2, 2014

Waffles Gone Wild and Other Stories from Atlanta

I have a secret report from the publicist!
She sent it up from her vacation in Atlanta.
She said she could not keep it to herself.

As you know she went to the Cat Writer's Association/BarkWorld conference in Atlanta and while she was there she went to a special party for our friend Waffles - he's very famous now. But his fame must be going to his head because at his party he went all Wild and Crazy cat even though he was surrounded by paparazzi. Look:

Can you believe your eyes?
A Famous SpokesCat climbing the curtains in his hotel room!
What a shock!

Glogirly caught up to him and told him to calm down and behave like a good cat and not a rock and roll cat. He was a very good boy for the rest of the night.

In fact, there were some who said they had him eating out of their hands.

Hey! I think that's the publicist's hand.
Is she cheating on us with Waffles?
How could she do that?

There was another star at the party.

Plush CK came down from New Jersey for a visit.
She made the rounds and meowed with the guests.

Here she is with the lady with the yellow hair from The Island Cats. Then it went downhill. There is some thought that she might have had to much of Waffles' cocktail. Who knows. I just know that the photo isn't pretty.

What some plush cats will do for attention!
Oh my!
I can't let that be the last sight you see today so I will close with this very nice picture from the weekend.

It is my aunt Nora! With Waffles!
It was taken by Lisa from A Tonk's Tail.
Isn't it a beautiful picture?


  1. My human had a lot of fun partying with Waffles! She says that his new drink doesn't taste too dangerous, but it really packs a punch!

  2. Looks like a wild time was had by all! So wish I could have been there.

  3. Is rehab next for Waffles and the Plushies? Stay tuned!

    pee ess--Mommy LOVES the kitty-themed lampshade!

  4. Oh my CAT!!!! Don't let the hotel see that photo of Waffles climbing the curtains!!! ; ) Good thing we didn't have a chandelier in our room or he'd have been swinging from it FOR SURE!!!

  5. Waffles, you really did have lots of girl friends there at that hotel. What a good boy you are to entertain all of them. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  6. Isn't that what you are supposed to do when you are partying in a hotel room--climb the curtains??! Sheesh, poor Waffles. No fun for the cat while the humans are having a great time.

  7. Aunt Nora loved meeting Waffles, but now I need to meet the Farm Cats and the Goats! #livetoofaraway.

  8. Heyyyyyyy, our mom told us she was going to a WORK conference. There was nothing said about partying with a famous playboy-cat!

  9. Oh what fun! Isn't that what we're supposed to do when we're away from home?

  10. LOL. Plush cat is an attention monger.

  11. OMC! We heard that the mom was cavorting with Waffles. That was bad enough. Now there's photographic evidence that she was with Plush CK too?!? She's really got some 'splaining to do.

  12. HAH! She better have brought some of that hootch home to real CK. And Plush ME would have been swinging from the chandelier with Waff.

  13. OMC! Everyone turned into a bit of an animal at Glowgirly's party. It looks like whatever tonic was being consumed had a kick to it and a great time was had by human & feline alike. Waffles probably had been watching old video of rock bands who trashed their hotel rooms and got that idea for climbing the draperies. I'm sure there were no pulled threads or tears since Waffles is not a destructive kind of guy. He was just a little over stimulated by all the partying and wanted to express his wild side. Go Waffles Go! The real C.K. deserves some awesome swag for only being able to be represented by her plushie version.The photo of Waffles loving lovingly at Aunt Nora says love is in the air. Ginger boys are impossible to resist. It's a good thing you goats didn't attend this conference Pricillia. Can you imagine what goats would do to a hotel room after drinking some of what those ladies were having? And to think the Publicist made Meow World sound like a work thing - humpf.

  14. The Publicist looks pretty happy with Waffles! Must be because he reminds her of another special orange boy! :) Everyone looks like they had a great time!

  15. That publicist is having a very good time. You'd better really act like you missed her when she comes home.


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