Sunday, November 30, 2014


Does my studmuffin look like Frosty the SnowGoat?
I think he does.

He was not so very happy about the change in weather.
None of us were really.
We much prefer it dry.

I hid in my goathouse.
I am no fool.
Can you even see me?
I am in there. I promise!

Those other goats were crazy.
They waited outside for the publicist.
She was getting the barn ready.
But if you ask me, why wait out in the cold snow if you have a dry goathouse?

Nora the goat seems to have learned this lesson early.
I have great hopes for her.
She is showing signs of being as smart as her great grandnanny.

Unlike a certain AbbyGoat.
Who ended up with a white coat.
Silly AbbyGoat!


  1. YIKES!! You know our feelings on snow...we're DESERT cats!

  2. We are Florida cats and have never even SEEN snow except in photos... and now you say it's WET, too? We're would hide under cover, too.

  3. Move over, goaties. Make room for me in that goat house! I am not ready for snow yet. Wasn't it just yesterday that it all just melted?? Ugh.

  4. Snow stinks. You are one smart spokesgoat for knowing enough to "come in out of the snow."

  5. Wow, Pricilla. That looks like a lot of snow. And cold! We pretty much never get snow here. I wish I could say it's because we live in Hawaii. But alas, no.

  6. Oh no, we are sorry it is snowing there. That sure does stink. Hope it goes away soon. Brrrrrr Take care.

  7. Yikes! We've never been out in the snow so we can only imagine what it must be like.

  8. It's fun to watch snow fall but that's only because we're inside so it's not falling on US! Maybe the publicist will let all you goats move into the yurt this year! :)

  9. Those goat houses look like HUGE PTUs. Uncle George made Gertrude a housecat when he came home and found her huddled against the door covered with snow.

  10. Oh my sweet Pricilla! Can you ever forgive me for being away so long??? The Human just lost her mind and although she (kind of) helped me post, there were MONTHS when we barely visited one person a week! I don't know what's WRONG with her--do you? Has your Human ever rebelled for no good reason AT ALL? In fact, it didn't even seem like rebellion! She just sort of faded out for a time & she is STILL not in the groove. We still loves you, though, even though we have become sooooooooo unreliable. She has even stopped making promises to be better. Sigh.

    I think she needs to retire*. XOXOXOXOXOXO to all the goaties and kitties and Humans too. *From her j-o-b, not my b-l-o-g!!

  11. We would stay under cover too ! But we agree with CK, your goat houses looks like giant PTU ! Purrs

  12. Can you even feel the snow through your great hairy selves? Maybe the flakes tickle your ears.


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