Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Wish I May....

Bernadette the goat here.
I have not spent much time on the blog.
I am shy.
I know I am supposed to be the next Famous SpokesGoat but I am not sure I want to be.
I am not sure I have the star power that Pricilla has.

I might just want to be a quiet nanny like Thelma and Louise are.
Living on the Farm, taking care of my kids.
Hopefully I will have a kid or two come April.
I'm not maaaaing you will have to wait and see.

Maybe I will let Nora the goat be the next Famous SpokesGoat.
Maybe I won't.
What do you think?
Do YOU think I am cute enough to be a Famous SpokesGoat?
Do I have "it?"

When I ask my great grandnanny Pricilla she just looks at me and smiles.
Is this good or baaaaad?


  1. Bernadette, only you know whether you want to be a famous spokesgoat! I knew I had a destiny before I ever took over Sparkle's blog. It is a lot of responsibility, but it is very rewarding. It really is up to you - it's there if you want it!

  2. You have all the cuteness needed for it, ask yourself if you WANT to be a spokesgoat ? You're the one who can know it ! Purrs

  3. Bernadette, you totally have what it takes to be a famous spokesgoat!

  4. Oh Bernadette, we sure hope you decide to be the spokesgoat for the farm. We think you would make a good one. Maybe you and Nora could be partner spokegoats. Just take turns with the different news. It is a big responsibility.

  5. Wee Bernadette, I think you have a certain glow about you that makes you a superstar in the making. Learn well from your role model, and you shall be learning from the best! Perhaps Priscilla will even let you do guest spokesgoat duties, so she can ease into her retirement!

  6. It will be hard to step into the spokesgoat hooves filled by the lovely Pricilla but we think you can do it Bernadette!

  7. Bernadette, we think you'd make an excellent spokesgoat. You've got purrrrrsonality. :)

  8. It takes 5 months to make a goat?! No one is as pretty as Pricilla but you should do just fine.

  9. Bernadette, you have a softer touch like the shading in your coat. You are modest and quiet. You will be a great mama. You can maaaa everything so nicely, you will be a great spokesgoat.


Maaaaaa away....


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