Thursday, November 6, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Hey Step it Up Male Person: We Want IN!

I don't know.
Things were just not the same while the publicist gone.
I mean look at this!

Stinky wanted to go inside.
It was cold around these parts and she is an old cat.

Then Harry decided he wanted in too.
What is taking him so long.

Get a move on male person!
We're waiting!

It's about time.
Male person - you were no publicist.


  1. Why is is the male humans aren't as good with kitty care? Mine is good with the treats (better than my human, who makes me earn them, truth be told), but not so much the play part.

  2. Sure glad that the publicist is home now to take care of you kitties. The male person probably did the best he could. Have a fantastic Friday.

  3. awww! give the fellow a break! he's got a lot of animals to tend! :)

  4. Some male humans are better at kitty care than others. I do get the impression that they are, for the most part, considered the JV team.

  5. you guys are going to have to work on training him better MOL

  6. Obviously he needs further training. Sheesh.

  7. Your male person is a lot like our dad-guy. Slow! Congrats again on winning our giveaway!

  8. It must be a "dad" thing. Joe doesn't understand that the glare from Grace means that she wants to EAT. and NOW!

  9. Bet you went right back out! When the peeps lived in the house with the guy with 6 cats over them, they were always letting the cats in for him.

  10. The Male Person may not be the best doorman, but even though Pricillia feared everyone would not survive the week in his care, everyone is still alive & well Farm Cats & goats too. Wait a minute... has anyone seen Nick since he was seen sneaking under Luke's gate a few days ago? Nick? Where are you little Houdini you Nick.......

  11. Gotta watch those male persons, but I think he is earning his keep in other ways.

  12. *sigh* we hate it when the status isn't quo!


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