Monday, November 3, 2014

Dona Nobis Pacem - #BlogBlast4Peace

We goats have been blogging for Peace for many years now.
We are very disappointed that our efforts have not resulted in the end of War.

We have sat down for Peace
We have stood up for Peace
We gave War the raspberry
We have maaaed for Peace
We have smiled for Peace

We have tried so very hard in our own goatish way to encourage Peace in the world. So this year I did not know what to do. I am about to give up. I do not think the world is listening to a small herd of goats in Montana. I do not think the world cares.

But the publicist told me that we cannot give up. We must always try to do good in this world. For if everygoat gives up then the bad guys will win. So I asked the Farm cats to join us goats and to have their meows join with our chorus of maaas to sing a song of Peace for the world. Let's hope that does the job.

So please join us as we MAAAAA and MEOW  for peace in the hopes that this might work.
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  1. This is my first year to purr for peace, and I am hopeful.

  2. Mum was a little bit short to help us with a blog post, so we join our voices to yours ! Have a peaceful day. Purrs

  3. Don't give up Pricilla or any of you other goats and kitties. Every little bit helps. We all just have to keep trying and hope for some peace in the world. Love seeing all of the family. You all take care.

  4. Never give up Pricilla! Every maaaa, purr and bark adds to the chorus for peace.

  5. We purr that one day we will see peace in our world. Keep maaaa'ing and purring. :)

  6. LoVe this. :)
    You goats are doing Good work.
    Glad to have you ~ and that cats ~ with us!

    Dona nobis pacem.

  7. Great job, guys! The song of peace should definitely help. We are sending purrs and love and peace to all as well.

    P.S. Our mom says that it was nice to meet your mom this past Friday at the Mad Kitty Cocktail Party and the Maggiano's dinner. We always enjoy meeting new furiends to follow!

  8. This is my first time to this site and I love it! Don't give up Pricilla!

  9. I know the feeling, but we cant give up. Just knowing there are happy goats and cats in the world gives me hope.

  10. I love the guard kitty in the photo! Looks as though he is the protector of peace.

  11. I think with the kitties and Nick, Nora and Harley aboard, we can maybe make some peace happen. It’s a long and winding road.

  12. Amazing! I need a T-shirt that says "Goats for Peace"! Love the message; Rock on Priscilla!

  13. I hope it's OK that I maaaa'd and meow'd with a human accent. I thought the raspberry I blew at war was first rate.


  14. We're purring for peace today too. Dona Nobis Pacem.

    The Florida Furkids

  15. Awww this was so lovely :) Peaceful Pawkisses, Little Binky and Granny :) <3

  16. Goat smiles are one of Natures best things, with cat noses and pig ears (yeah, I know i'm weird - I love pig ears, they look like pink calla lilies!)

    BEST peace wishes to you all. :-)

  17. Peace is good, but it's probably unrealistic. Nevertheless, maaa and meow on.

  18. Every year more voices join those already calling out for peace. Even in your comments here I see some new ones. Each year our voices become louder. I had a moment like this a couple of years ago, when I wondered why I was trying when nothing seemed to change, but I came back to my previous is not a fast process. The voices are growing, a few more each time. One time in the future, who knows when that might be, perhaps the majority of the world will join in, instead of the minority. Certainly I believe that the majority of the world wants peace! It only takes for those peeps to hear and join in for those who don't want peace to hear to have to stop what they're doing.

    Peace to you and yours, as ever, Annelisa x

  19. You are my favorite goats and beings of all time. I love that you are persistent. One day we will have peace. I am proud that you are not giving up. This gives inspiration to the rest of us. Thank you.
    #8938 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery @

    Peace to you and yours always,


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