Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Blast from My Past

The publicist got a box in the mail the other day.
Why is this important?
Because inside the box was something I have not eaten in a long time.
What you ask?

I had almost forgotten how much I loved them.
But I heard the crinkle of the bag and I knew exactly what she had.

You see, on my old farm when the publicist there needed to erm, catch my attention she would do it by shaking a bag of chips and I would come a'running! The publicist here gives me apples so I haven't had a potato chip in seven years. But I remembered, oh I remembered the delicious taste of those crispy treats.

Guess what?
The publicist let me have some chips!

She spoils me, doesn't she?
Oh, they were as good as I remembered.
She let me have MORE THAN ONE!

She was a bit of tease with the chips.
I don't know about that publicist.
But I didn't care. I came running.
My little legs actually RAN.
That is how much I like chips.

When I came down the next day I looked all over for the box the chips came in but it was gone.
The publicist said that between the two of us we had eaten them all. I was sad. But then I let myself dream about the chips I had eaten.

And I was a happy goat once again.
Those chips were so good.
Thank you publicist for the treat.


  1. How lucky that you got potato chips, Pricilla! Sometimes I think if it were left to my human I wouldn't get any fun treats. Her boyfriend gives me cantaloupe and bedtime treats - my human makes me "stay" or do some other trick before I get anything.

  2. Oh Pricilla, those chips sure look tasty. Glad you were the lucky one to get some chips. And glad that the Publicist shared them with you. Take care.

  3. You look so happy Pricilla ! We're glad you got some of your favourite treats today ! Purrs

  4. The publicist is very good to you Pricilla! You make those chips look yummy! Daddy shares his tortilla chips with us sometimes but don't tell Mommy. She doesn't like that.

  5. You know what they say about potato chips, Pricilla. You can never eat just one! We're glad you enjoyed your treat.

  6. I cannot believe that you love potato chips so much that the crinkling sound of the bag had you running Pricillia. 7 years is a long time to go with something as tasty as those chips & they are the wavy kind which makes them even taste better. A nice change from apple slices, although they are tasty too. It was nice of the Publicist to share & remember how much you enjoyed your chips. Now you can go back to dreaming about them until the next special treat.

  7. this is exactly why i never buy them. they are addictive!

  8. Aw, that was nice of her!

    It wasn't you---there are less and less chips in those bags now. :(

  9. You look so cute, Pricilla. Do potato chips raise your blood pressure too? MOL! TW loves salty snacks.

  10. Haha! Who knew that a goat would love chips so much.

  11. Faraday: Oh those look NOMMILICIOUS. I love nomming on tortilla chips when I can get my paws on them!


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