Monday, October 6, 2014

Thinking Back to Summer

It's starting to get cooler and the garden is dead.
There is not much grass around to eat.
So I started daydreaming today about delicious summer treats.

Like yummy corn husks.
Oh my taste buds are singing at the thought of them.
And they are sad that they will not see them again until next year.

My studmuffin feels the same way.
You know how much he really enjoys to eat.
He has to keep his strength up you know.

Thelma was really lucky.
The publicist gave her a CORN.

They take some chewing but they are oh-so-delicious.
I will maaaaa you a secret.
The publicist always saved little corns for me too.

Bernadette and Louise shared their husks.
This husk eating was before the kids were born.
It was quieter then.

I did not forget AbbyGoat.
No one could ever forget her.

Aaaaaah, the lazy days of summer.
Oh well. They will return.

ps:  Little Harley was much better yesterday. The publicist is starting to feel some hope.


  1. I am still purring lots for Harley! I know he needs them.

  2. Oh I am so glad that Harley is better. Great news. We also send lots more purrs. Harley, you just get all better, Please.

  3. I didn't get nearly enough corn this summer either. Glad Harley is better!

  4. Summer sure looks YUMMY!
    We hope it's not going to be too long of a winter this year. ...but we're not holding out breath either!

  5. ...and we're SO happy Harley is feeling a little better. : )

  6. what good news about harley! i hope he continues to get better!

  7. keep those pictures around - you may need the reminder :) So glad to hear Harley is doing better...we will keep sending purrs (we presume those work on kids too)

  8. Oh good! I have been so worried about Harley!! I hope he continues to improve.

    I love summer yummies. I always miss all the fresh fruits and veggies that summer has to offer.

  9. YAY HARLEY!!! And yes, summer looks yummy around the farm!

  10. We're ready for summer to come again too but we don't get any yummy things from a garden like you all do. We're glad Harley is improving and hope the publicist gets better soon too!

  11. We're missing summer already. Purrs continue for Harley!

  12. Next time TW sees corn husks in the supermarket, she just might pick some up for you, Pricilla.


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