Wednesday, October 8, 2014

That Nick is a ToughBuck(ling)

Little Nick sure thinks he is one tough buck(ling)
You will not believe what he did!

He gave the goat stomp to Bernadette the goat!
She is a hundredy million times bigger than he is.
Is he a crazygoat?

He and Nora were over exploring the log in the pen.
Bernadette decided to see what they were doing.

I wonder if she wanted to play with them?
What do you think?
Although I am not sure this is the way to do it!


They can't hurt you.
Confuse you maybe, but not hurt you.

Why are you threatening them?
You had better just "chill out."

You see, you grandnanny is coming over to maaaa you just that.
You had better listen to her.
You know she can butt the heck out of you.

Nick does not look impressed, does he?

OK - that is better.
Be friends!
It is much nicer.

Seriously, what is going on with these goats?

I give up.
I am going to take a nap.

Smart move Nick.
Get a drink at the milk bar.
Maybe it will calm you down.


  1. Little ones are sometimes cute little devils ! Purrs

  2. Young goats are awfully excitable, aren't they?

  3. Nick, you are one brave little kid to take on Bernadette Glad Abby came over to explain to Bernadette that it wasn't polite to pick on little kids. You all have a fun day. Sending more purrs to Harley.

  4. they say kids learn by example - Bernadette should be careful what she shows the newbies :)

  5. Oh, what action with Nick and Nora.

  6. Oh, criminy. I just hope nobody gets hurt. My grandpa used to say: You fool around and fool around...and somebody always gets hurt.

  7. Little Nick hasn't learned his lesson yet. He will in time. ;)

  8. Bernadette has gotten so big since I last saw her. She is a giant compared to her little cousins Nick & Nora, but Nick was holding his own pretty well. I think Nick is clueless about the size different between Bernadette & himself. Better keep the little ones away from Bernadette until they are a bit bigger or until Bernadette understands that can't bully the babies. I'm with you Pricillia, what's a nanny goat to do? Lying down & not looking might be the best solution.

  9. Faraday: ROCK ON, NICK!! You tell'em! Don't let the older goats tell YOU what you can't do!


Maaaaaa away....


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