Monday, October 13, 2014

Silly Kids

Nick and Nora keep escaping.
They are driving the publicist crazier.
You note I did not maaaa crazy since she is already there.

The little devils goatlings can squeeze through the gate.
No matter how tightly the publicist pulls it closed.
Out they come!

Once they are out they go over and munch on the bark pile
The male person has cut up all of the wood to keep the publicist warm this winter but there are lots of tasty pieces to nibble.
I can't say that I blame them

That bark is a nice little treat since there is not much else to eat right now.
I think they miss their cousin though.
They don't understand why he is not out running and playing with them.

Hey Harley!
Where are you?
Come out and play!

But he is still not ready to handle those two.
He is much better but still a bit unsteady on his hooves.

The publicist finally caught the bad little goats and put them back in their pen.
Then it was all running and jumping and wreaking havoc.

It's what little goats do.
It's what makes them so entertaining.
If they didn't make us all laugh we wouldn't put up with them, would we?

Nora decided to take a little nap.
Smart girl.
You're laughing, aren't you?

And then it all began again.
Poor publicist.
She says she is losing weight.
And her sanity.

But I do not think she has any to lose.
I'm a funny goat today, aren't I?


  1. We don't suppose you could get some leg irons?

  2. Those two are crazy! Kind of like kittens. ;-) I hope Harley is up and about soon!

  3. We hope Harley gets better soon and can join the fun ! Mum says that the Publicist doesn't need to go to the gym with Nick and Nora ! Purrs

  4. Hee hee. I wish I was that small again and I'd make my lady nuttier. Those kids are so cute! I love the wee bum-in-the-air photo. xoxoxo

  5. You should have named them The Little Rascals--Buckwheat, Alfalfa, Darla.....

  6. Hope no one gets stuck when they are suddenly not small enough to fit through.

  7. Such little bad kids but baby goats do like to roam. We sure hope that Harley is better really soon. And that the publicist recovers from all her round ups. She needs to get a border collie.

  8. little monsters! eat your fill, little ones. grow fat and big so you can't slip through the gate any more!

    and get well, little harley!

  9. Prayers to little Harley and yep I think leg irons for the Kids are in aren't they such fun....and to think they are saving you money by not having to go to the gym......

  10. mom says that about foster kittens...good thing they are cute :)

  11. Yep, it's a good thing kids are cute! We hope little Harley feels better soon so he can join in the fun!

  12. We wanna come play with those silly kids. We're glad Harley is feeling better.

  13. You’re very funny, Pricilla. So are Nick and Nora.


Maaaaaa away....


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