Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sherpa is Silly

The male person went away on a trip.
So of course the first thing that Sherpa did when he came back was....

...hop in his suitcase!
That silly cat just loves to be in things.
If he can get in something he will.
You are not going to go anywhere in that suitcase Sherpa!

Here! The publicist got  you a new toy.
It is something for you to get into.
A bag! A catnip scented bag!
How do you like that?
Are you having fun?

Oh, I am sorry.
I should not have maaaaed fun.
I forgot you are a fierce and mighty hunter.
Just do not hunt me!

Where is Harry the Farm cat.
Is he not hunting with you?
What does he think of your new bag?

OK then.

ps: The publicist thanks you all for the kind words about little Harley the goat. So far he is holding his own. She is feeling better too.


  1. I think being in things is fun too! I'm glad Harley and the publicist are both feeling better.

  2. WE sure are glad everyone is feeling better. We all love to get in things too. Bags and boxes are just the best toys.

  3. Well, a suitcase is like a box...and we all know how much us cats love boxes! And bags too. We love bags!

  4. Glad to read that kids and folks are on the mend. Sherpa is silly and Harry's tongue certainly expresses his opinion well.

  5. Harry is going to bite off his tongue!

  6. Harry better be careful where he sticks that thing MOL

  7. We're glad Little Harley and the publicist feel better ! We love Harry's picture ! Purrs

  8. Glad Harley and the Publicist are both feeling better. That photo of Harry made us laugh.

  9. Sherpa is a professional holder downer of everything! We're glad Harley and the publicist are feeling better!

  10. Goofy cats! My Grace likes the suitcases when we come home, but she has been known to pee in them, so you gotta be quick with getting your stuff in and out and then ZIPPING it closed again. Ugh.

    Glad everyone is doing better today!


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