Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Little Nora Explores on Her Own

 Sometimes little Nora just needs to get away from those two boys.
I think they sometimes play a little too rough for a tiny doe.

I don't blame her.
Who wants to spend all their time around bucks anyway?

She came over by me to see what I was doing.
Which was well,  nothing.
So she checked out a log. And maybe nibble a little bit of grass.
Logs are always very fascinating to little goats.

She tried to climb on top of it.
But the log won this time.
That's OK Nora. Soon YOU will win.

For now just study the log for your next attack.
Become one with the log.

Or not.
You can eat the log.
What ever floats your little goat boat.


  1. It's nice to see a demure little doe that is not wrestling, acting like a wild maniac or trying to get everyone's attention like some bucklings we know. Like Alex the Terror, Harley the Handful or Nick the kicker. Has Bernadette met Nora yet? Nora is the sweetest little goatie-girl. I surprised you haven't put a little bow on her head to maximize the cuteness factor. Oh, I forgot the goats would think a small bow was a snack wouldn't they (tee hee). I would be tempted to pick her up & carry her around with me. Louise probably would not approve of that, being a nervous Nanny and all.

  2. Oh Nora, first, we like your name. Glad you are getting some time away from those wild buck kids. Love your pictures. Hope you get control over that log really soon. You all have a fantastic day.

  3. Nora is so cute ! We're sure you'll take control of that log very soon ! Purrs

  4. I'll say it again,..she's just too darn cute!

  5. mom just fainted from the cute....

  6. Aw, gees, she is the cutest thing! I'm sure that she has her fair share of bouncing around like a goofball too.

  7. Aw, Nora is such a cutie! We love her coloring.

  8. That’s bark on that log. Tasty bark. I’m missing you over at my place, Pricilla.

  9. She really is sweet. A smiling goat.


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