Friday, October 24, 2014

I Can't Believe It!

You will not guess what the publicist is doing to us.
I am not happy.
I have been maaaaing like crazy to the other goats.

They are not happy either.
Do you want to know what has us all upset?
You will not believe it.


It's true!
I would not lie.
She is going away to a conference and to visit our Aunt Nora.
She is going to leave on Thursday and come back the next Wednesday,

That means the male person will be taking care of us.

I hope we survive.
Don't worry about my blog.
I will keep posting.
I will need something normal in my life.

Unless the male person loses me somewhere.


  1. He'd better feed you LOTS of grain!

  2. The way you were carrying on & looking bug-eyed, I thought the end of the World had come Pricillia. Not that the Male Person is being left in charge of you goats isn't earth shattering news. I can see why you are so freaked-out Pricillia, but even the Publicist needs to get away from the farm a couple of times a year. Besides she is going to the conference to learn how to do new & exciting things with the blog and seeing family is important. I think you may be getting your panties in a big old knot over nothing Pricillia. The Male Person has taken care of you before and everyone lived. I seriously doubt that even the Male Person could lose you. The ones I'm worried about are those Grandkids of yours, Nick & Nora, who like to escape by squeezing through the gate to their pen. The Male Person may have some 'splaining to do if the Publicist returns home & they are missing.

  3. I gather the Male Person is less competent at goat herding than the Publicist?

    My human is happy because she will be seeing the Publicist at the conference!

  4. i bet the male person will do a very good job of taking care of all of you!

  5. awww. i'm sure the male person knows how to take care of all of you just fine!

  6. Oh no Pricilla, maybe you can talk the male person into some extra treats. I bet you can. We also bet that the Publicist is going to have a great time. So we will all keep our paws crossed that all goes well for all you goats.

  7. Well, I'm sorry for you, but I'm happy for The Publicist!! How nice that she is taking a vacation! I hope she comes to visit me someday in Chicago.

  8. Here's hoping you survive the impending ordeal.

  9. We're sure you'll survive the absence of the Publicist ! We bet that the male human will do his best for you all ; maybe you can get some extra treats ? We hope the Publicist has good time at the conference ! Purrs

  10. Pricilla, we know what you mean. The mom is leaving us go to that same conference. How dare she. The dad-guy will be taking care of us which isn't so bad because that means extra treats...and maybe some KFC!

  11. Gone for an entire week? How will you survive? She protects you.

  12. We know. OUR human's doing THE SAME THING. Outrage!@!!!

  13. That male person had better get it right!


Maaaaaa away....


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