Monday, October 27, 2014

Harry the Farm Cat Meows, "I Will Keep an Eye on Things"

As you can see I am ON THE JOB.
I will keep an eye on things while the publicist is away.
I will make sure that things run smoothly around this Farm.

I have a good spot up here on this post.
I can see far and wide.
I can make sure the male person takes care of the goats.

I can make that a mousie?
Oh,, no it was just a leaf blowing around.
Sorry about that.
I am the chief mousie hunter you know.

Back to being ON THE JOB.
I will make sure the male person keeps things running around here while the publicist is away.
We will miss her.
The male person does not pet us as much.
He tends to forget our feeding times.

And worst of all....HE DOES NOT GIVE US TREATS!
That is so very sad.

But I know that when she gets back the publicist will make up for it.


  1. WHAT!?!?!? No treats???? We think a yak or two (or ten) might serve to remind him.

  2. Harry, you have a big job to do! And that is not nice that you get cheated out of treats when you will be working so hard.

  3. You look quite official up there Harry ... I bet things do run smoothly with you around

  4. oh, harry! the sad part just had me laughing! (sorry!)

  5. No treats? What? That's just not right! All he has to do is take care of the goats, chickens and you Farm Cats so how tough is it to give you treats too? Sheesh!

  6. Oh Harry, we know you are going to do such a good job at keeping your eye on the farm and the Male person. I bet if you ask really nicely, he might just give you a treat. But you do know he has a big job ahead of him to take care of everyone while the publicist is gone. We do hope the publicist has a great time. Wish our person could go.

  7. Oh Harry, you are such a good supervisor. Glad to see you on the job.

  8. Harry you do a great impersonation of a kitty totem pole. I.m sure that with your close supervision & a good dose of snoopervision too, everyone one the farm will make it through the coming week while the Publicist is gone galavanting. I would think that those long sharp claws of yours might come in handy for reminding the Male Person when treat time arrives. A sharp claw in the leg gets most people's attention pretty quickly. You will be a very busy cat Harry. Between being cheif mouser, watching over the goats & making sure the Farm Cats get adequate pets & meals are served on time, you will be run ragged. Make sure you take lots of naps so you are ready for this impawtant job.

  9. Harry, we hope the male sees this and realizes he needs to give you more pets and treats while the publicist is away. So how'd you get up there, anyways??? ;)

  10. No treats ? That's not fair ! You do such a hard job of snoopervision ! Purrs

  11. Pawsome photos but that doesn’t make up for the lack of treats. So that’s what the yurt looks like from the outside. Any thought to solar panels on the roof? I wish we could do that but we only own our little condo in here.

  12. sleep on his head if he gives you no treats

  13. That male person better get his act together or you might have to boycott mousie catching.


Maaaaaa away....


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