Thursday, October 23, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Stalking the Walls

Sherpa was enjoying himself up on his Wave.
But he did not know that he was being watched.

He did not know that SomeCat had been there before him!
Harry the Farm cat had jumped up on the Wave and then up on the Wall.
Harry was as Up as he could go!

Sherpa was content to just sit on the Wave though.
He finds it very comfortable.
But what does he see?

I'm sure you already know.
That's right - Harry the Farm cat!
He's stalking.
The publicist has to be careful.
Sometimes he likes to jump down from the Wave onto her in the bed.

It surprises her.
It makes the male person laugh.


  1. talk about high spaces....and beware of flying cats :)

  2. your cats have their indoor jungle gym! so cool.

  3. Bet that is a big bounce when he lands on the bed. That is a long jump but some of us here would love to do that. You all take care.

  4. They do have their own version of "getting high."

  5. Have you trained them to test the smoke alarm while they are up there?

  6. those kitties sure have a good life!

  7. We wanna live in a yurt so we can get up on walls too!

  8. What athletes you got there. I used to jump from the door and the armoire down on the bed.

  9. Way to go, Harry! Scare the bee-jesus out of the publicist!

  10. The watcher watching the OTHER watcher!

  11. MOL! Hey, WE wanna be able to jump on mom in bed from way up high!!!


Maaaaaa away....


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