Thursday, October 30, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Happy Halloween

All of us here on the Farm wish those of you that celebrate a Happy Halloween.

Je suis Henri le Chat de Ferm et je porte un beret.
(I am Harry the Farm Cat and I wear a beret)

Sont vous impressionne?
(Are you impressed?)
Je pourrais aussi etre un vampire
(I might also be a vampire)

Mais je suis vraiment juste un chat dans un chapeau.
(But I am really just a cat in a hat)

Did you like my costume for Halloween?
I'll bet you didn't know I was such a talented chat, erm cat, did you?

Be sure to check out Sherpa's costume on the publicist's blog.


  1. Getting ready to move to Canada?

  2. Hey, you're a Frenchie MOL ! Happy Halloween ! Purrs

  3. Yeah, Henri does not look too happy with his new chapeau.

  4. And now, at this late date, I learn that the cat in the hat is really Henry sporting a beret. Life is good!

  5. Harry you are so handsome in your costume! Didn't the goats dress up? MOL Happy Halloween!

  6. HAH! You’re funny, Harry. Happy Howl-O-Ween.

  7. MOWZERS, we're - uh - kind glad our mom doesn't do the Halloween costume thingy! *visions of bullet being dodged*

  8. Vous et tres magnifique, Harreeeee


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