Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You Can Do It Harley - Well......

Little Harley really, REALLY wants to get into the grain bin.
He tried and he tried and he tried.
I don't know why he wanted to get into the bin but most little kids seem to wan to nap in them.

He walked around the other side and tried and tried again.
But his little legs are just too short right now.
Maybe next week.

For now he just sat down next to it and munched on a cabbage leaf.
I don't blame him.
Cabbage leaves are tasty.


  1. Oh Harley, give yourself time to grow up ! You'll do it when you'll be able to jump in ! Purrs

  2. He's so teeny! It's hard to remember that the other goats started out that way too. I can't wait to see him start hopping.

  3. Ah, poor Harley. It won't be long little boy and you will be able to get in there. He is so cute.

  4. Aw, poor thing. But I guess it was good that he didn't get in. I'm guessing it probably would have been harder to get out!

  5. We know you'll get in there soon, Harley!

  6. poor baby...oh well, as least short is only temporary :)

  7. You sure he didn’t just want to eat some grain and his neck was too short? Dunno but you know goats better than I since you are goat, Pricilla.

  8. Goats are amazing. They seem to be able to eat anything the minute they are born. He's cute too.


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