Friday, September 12, 2014

The Carrots Survived But Not Much Else

It got C.O.L.D!
Colder than it has been this early in a long, long time.
Almost everything in the garden was all wilty and sad.
BUT the carrots survived.

The publicist took some in to put into some soup she was canning.
You know what that meant

We all enjoyed them.
AbbyGoat was a bit of a piggie.
Of course.

Alex the goat was not sure at first.
This is his first time tasting them
Unlike the corn husks he did like carrot greens.
Thelma stole some right out of his mouth!
So much for nannerly love!

Louise had her fair share.
She had kid(s) to feed.
(News on that very soon!)

And of course the publicist made sure to feed Bernadette.
Those goats are still being mean to her.

My studmuffin got some too.
There is nothing like watching Luke the goat eat greens.
I'm a happy doe.


  1. That is too bad that you had that darn cold weather and it ruined the garden. Those carrot greens look terrific. Listen Pricilla, could you tell the publicist that we had the goats that used to live here on our blog yesterday. You all have a great Saturday.

  2. Yum! I can't believe the cold is upon us again. Didn't winter just leave? *sigh*

    Just read on FB that you have a new baby there! Congratulations! I can't wait to see photos!

  3. Can you guys still eat the wilty stuff?

  4. We know you LOVE carrot greens, but your mom could make a delicious soup with it too ! And concatulations for the new baby goat of the farm ! Purrs

  5. Aw... why do they pick on Bernadette?

  6. We KNOW how cold it got! Glogirly and Gloman had to cancel most of their vacation because of the terrible conditions in Glacier Park.

    We hope you can warm up a little bit before the REALLY big freeze sets in.


  7. poor bernadette.....does she have to be kept separate from the others? how cold did you get? do you think this means a cold winter is coming?

  8. Good thing the carrots survived! We feel bad for Bernadette. Wish she could come here because we'd be nice to her!

  9. Carrot greens? Maybe Alex would like tuna better. MOL! Don’t goats eat the good part of the carrots too?

  10. Sweet Pea is clamoring to try carrot greens!

  11. Carrot greens look like they would be a delicacy for you goats since they are so tasty & tender. I'm glad even Alex decided to have some. Bernadette is looking cuter than ever. I wish everyone would be nicer to her. Luke is looking extra studley Pricillia. I can see why watching him nom his carrot greens thrills you. Abbygoat is not piggy, she is just, well...being Abbygoat. Keep warm & everyone on the farm have a great weekend.


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