Saturday, September 13, 2014

Special Sunday Edition - A New Member of the Herd

Louise the goat had her kid!
I a sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that it is a buckling.
Or that it is a cowgoat.
He came around 11PM so the publicist couldn't take photos until today.
The little guy was taking a drink when she went in this morning.

Louise was not at all happy about staying in the barn like the publicist usually does when a kid is first born. She was shaking and maaaaing and very upset so the publicist brought them down to my pen. That way they wouldn't have to worry about all of the other goats trying to surround him. Of course I wanted to lick him.

Just a little.

But Louise wouldn't let me.

Thelma and Alex weren't sure what to make of him.

He is very cute, isn't he?
All kids are cute.
He has three black legs, one white leg, three white socks and one black sock.

The publicist hasn't named him yet
She says he looks a bit like a harlequin clown.

Someone else suggested he looked like a jester.
He looks a touch surprised at that suggestion, doesn't he?

So she is going to leave it to you all - is he Harlequin (Harley for short)?

Or is he Jester (Jessie for short)?

Louise really doesn't care. If she wants him she just calls, "maaaaaaaaaaaa!"


  1. and OMG is he CUTE...congratulations!

  2. We certainly go with Harley. And he is so darn cute. Welcome little new kid.

  3. He is adorable! I think he looks like a Harley!!

  4. adorable. love his black stocking. :)

  5. What a cutie...I like Harley too! Jessie just doesn't seem to go.....Congrats!

  6. Alex is soooo big now. Wow! I think if you call him Jessie peeps might think he’s a she cos boys spell is Jesse. I don’t think he looks like a clown. I think Derek should be his name after retiring Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.

  7. He is a cutie for sure, even if another BOY!

  8. Such a cutie, concatulations ! We vote for Harley ! Purrs

  9. OMC! He's so cute! We kinda like Harley. :)

  10. OMC! He's just beyond adorable! We like Harley too!

  11. Whatever the name, he is adorable. I like them both, so I will remain neutral on this one. Please give him a big smoochie from Aunt Lin! Welcome, new goat friend!

  12. I think I need a family tree diagram to figure out all the goat relationships!

  13. He is ADORABLE, I miss the kids! They are sooooo wonderful!

  14. Congratulations to Louise & Luke. This little buckling arrived sooner than we expected. We love his unusual marking & agree that Harley seems like the perfect name for him. He sure arrived sooner than I expected. With his unusual markings, he will be easy to spot in a sea of cow-goats make him easy to find in a herd of cow-goats. It was nice of you to invite Louise & the baby to stay in your pen for a while Pricillia. Sometimes a jittery new mom just needs a little help from Grandmaw to make her feel better. So glad the farm has another cute & healthy little buckling.

  15. Awwwwww...he is totally a cutie. And I just luvluvluv Harley as a name for him.


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