Sunday, September 28, 2014

SomeGoat is a LazyGoat

I am not naming names because I do not want to get butt.
But SomeGoat around this Farm is a LazyGoat.
Why do I maaaaa this?

How lazy is it sit on one's chubby butt and eat their hay?
I mean, REALLY?
The publicist should put this on her Facebook page in her ongoing "REALLY" series.

AbbyGoat I mean LazyGoat just sat there eating and eating and eating.
Until she stopped.

To burp!
You can see she still has hay on her face.
But it didn't bother her.

She just went back to eating.
What a piggiegoat!

I'll tell ya, I would never be this lazy.
I have SOME pride.
Erm, I don't like that look.
I think I'll go wander the other side of the Farm.

ps: I have exciting news! The publicist had the very talented Glogirly redo her Twitter page and I am finally included on it. I think this is about time since all of my important goat news goes out on that twitter feed. You should go and check it out - @BrokenTeepee


  1. Honestly? I don't think Abby has a bad idea there! I love the new Twitter page look! I still need to revamp mine.

  2. Abby, we think that is a great way to eat your hay. Just stay nice and comfy while inhaling the hay.. Your Twitter page looks terrific.

  3. i think abbygoat's got it going on!

  4. Luvluvluv the Twitter profile! Abby Isn't a lazy goat, just an energy conservation goat

  5. We think Abby is pretty dang smart! We're going to try this too!

  6. I think I would do the same thing if given half a chance. Girlfriend has got the right idea!

  7. Well, we would eat like that if we could. :)

  8. We love your new Twitter profile ! Abby is eating lying like the ancient Romans : she's a contemporary goat with antique manners ! Purrs

  9. We'll head on over to check it out! She does pawesome work for sure! And Maxwell says, as an engineer-kitty, he can see the efficiency in AbbyGoat's game plan, there. Just meowin'.

  10. I usually eat sitting down myself, so I guess I can't say much.


Maaaaaa away....


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