Sunday, September 21, 2014

Little Harley is Starting to Explore

There is something special about a baby goat.
They are so cute when they start to get their legs under them
Little Harley was a bit slow to do this but he is making up for lost time.
You do not believe me?

Just watch!

If you cannot see the movie you can watch it on YouTube HERE

Isn't he adorable?
I think so.
So does the publicist.

ps: BIG NEWS! Thelma the goat had twins last night. I know this is not necessarily exciting but ONE OF THEM WAS A DOE! You read that correctly. There is a new doe on the Farm. I will show you photos tomorrow.


  1. OMC how cute IS he!?!???!!!!??? And so tiny...Mommy wants to scoop him up and smooch him!

    and...a DOE!!!

  2. That Harley is just ridiculously cute! And congratulations on the baby doe!

  3. OMC it's babies season at your farm ! Concatulations ! Harley is so cute ! And so funny : Mum couldn't stop laughing as he was springing with the four legs at the same time !

  4. Holy Cow!, more babies!! Cannot wait to see them. Harley is adorable, and I love it when he hops around. Great way to start the week!! Has the weasel re-appeared?

  5. such a cute and tiny little guy! yay, he'll have playmates!

  6. Could Harley be any cuter?!? We love his front leg coloring.

  7. Hehehe!!! Harley's little sideways hop is ADORABLE!!!
    We agree... baby goats are one of the cutest baby animals there are!

  8. harley is too cute! i could play with him all day. i can't wait to see the twins! a exciting!

  9. I wanna baby goatie!!!

    He is soooo cute! I love those little crazy goat hops they do.

  10. I can’t believe Louise licked him back there. I didn’t know it would be an x-rated video. MOL!

    Doe / a goat / a female goat. Heh heh.


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