Wednesday, September 10, 2014

It's Patriot's Day

All of us here on the Farm are going to reflect on the meaning of the day.
The publicist was living in New Jersey on that awful day.
Her main worry was for her father who traveled for a living.
She did not know if he was on an airplane or not.
She did not relax until she talked to him
He was safe but so many people were not.

She can still see the images from the TV that day as much as she does not want to.
She is glad to be here on the Farm with us.


  1. My human loves New York and had some amazing memories of fun times at the World Trade Center. She does not want to remember it for what happened to it... :-(

  2. TW remembers it well too. Instead of watching on TV, she and her coworkers were at the window of their office watching. What she remembers most were the screaming and crying when the first tower collapsed as her coworkers had friends and family working in the WTC. She remembers lots of crying and everyone yelling out Oh my God. She was so worried about Pop, she didn’t realize that 2 of her neighbors did work in the WTC and both managed to walk down 76 flights of stairs to safety. Because none of the phones were working, she didn’t hear from Pop until around 8 pm so she spent the whole day wondering where he was and if he was alright.

  3. My son was working in Manhattan, but it turned out I had a friend living even closer, below 14th St. Quite a day.

  4. It was so horrible, wasn't it? I was so scared and felt unsafe. My kids remember it because Joe and I went to pick them up after school. They knew something was up because Dad was there. Seems like yesterday, how clear the memories are.

  5. Wow Patty, we were living just a few miles apart that day. How I wish I could have known you! Living in commuter towns so close to the city, we had many people at work whose loved ones worked there, including one colleague whose husband did work in the WTC. It was horrible waiting to hear if he was alright. He got out safely, but one of my childhood friends did not. He worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. My twelve year old was home sick that day. Naturally she was watching television, so it all unfolded in front of her live and she was all alone, before I could get home to her. I know it might sound petty, since nothing happened to her physically, but she was truly traumatized.


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