Thursday, September 25, 2014

Farm Cat Friday - Who Cares About Kids

Harry the Farm cat here.
I can't believe all of the fuss over those silly goat kids.
What's it all about anyway?
It's not like they are kittens.

You can see I am not fussing.
I am napping.
The publicist gets all silly when I nap.
I have no idea why.

She makes funny noises and says I'm so very cute.
It tends to wake me up.
I don't like this.

But back to those baby goats.
Are they really cuter than I am?
They can't come into the yurt and cuddle up to the publicist like I can.

So I would think she would prefer me to them.
She seems to like it when I do this.

I sit with her like this every night when she is on her computer.
No silly little goat kid can do that.

But then this does sometimes happen.
The publicist might or might not get clawed.
(I'm sorry it's fuzzy. It was low light and we were moving a lot.)

The publicist does like her peace.
Maybe that's why she likes those little goats.
They sleep at night.


  1. I think I am WAY cuter than a baby goat! And my human almost agrees.

  2. Well, Harry, those baby goats are so cute but Harry you are so snuggly and we know the publicist enjoys you keeping her company. Hope Sherpa didn't chase you away. Have a super Friday.

  3. The baby goats are adorable but there is nothing more purr-fect than a cat. You are absolutely right.

  4. Well, if the little goats didn't have sharp hooves, and if they used a litter box, you might need to watch out, Harry!

  5. Harry, just're WAY smarter than those kids.
    Chances are you smell nicer too.
    ; )

  6. you kind of have markings like the kids....maybe you should point that out to her.

    As for kittens....they are overrated - trust us!

  7. Those kids are cute but they have nothing on your handsomeness Harry!

  8. Take my word, the only reason she likes some of the goats is for the soap they pop out or something like that. Cats rule.

  9. Sweetie, you are just as cute. You just SLEEP when the publicist makes a fuss over you so you don't hear it or see it as much as you see her do it with the baby kids. They ARE cute... but so are you.

  10. You're right, Harry...we can't imagine those kids laying on the Publicist like you.

  11. You're right, Harry. And you smell better than those little goats, no matter how cute they are ! Purrs


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