Monday, September 1, 2014

Alex the Goat is Not Too Smart

It's true.
I would not lie.
He does not like corn husks!
Can you believe such a thing?

He came over to check out this new food in my pen because the publicist fed me the delicious corn husks first. The other goats had to wait but since he can STILL fit through the fence he came through to see what was going on. As you can see, he was NOT impressed.

Silly boy!

The publicist gave him a piece to eat and after a very long sniff he finally took it but then do you know what he did? He chewed it for a little bit and then HE SPIT IT OUT!

I was shocked.
I was appalled.
What a waste of good husk.

He is obviously nothing like his father.
Now there's a buck who knows how to enjoy a treat.


  1. Oh No Alex. You don't like corn husks?? Something wrong with you boy. Happy Tuesday to all of you.

  2. alex looks so big and he can still sneak thru the fence? wow!

  3. You spit it out Alex ??? What a way to behave at a table ! Purrs

  4. That Alex is certainly a law unto himself.

  5. That leaves more corn husks for you!

  6. goofy Alex...but hey - more for the rest of you :)

  7. We didn't know there was anything goats didn't like to eat!

    BTW, the last time our mom went to see The Girl's goats, she took strawberries since she remembered how Pricilla liked them. She found out chickens like them too! It was so funny seeing the chickens grab a strawberry and run away to eat it in (relative) peace.

  8. Well, that just means more for you, Pricilla!

  9. I used to love it when my kids wouldn't try something new (and delicious). Now they know better and realize how good that food is....and they eat it all. Let's not encourage the boy. That means there is more for YOU!

  10. GASP! Maybe he wanted it cut into smaller pieces like I would.


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