Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Visitor to the Farm

We all heard this loud chipping.
The publicist went looking to see what is was.

She found Harry the Farm cat looking at the back steps.
(She figured it was a chipmunk.)
She quickly ran Harry into the yurt.
Then she came back outside.

It wasn't a chipmunk.
She knew immediately it was weasel.
She just didn't know what KIND of weasel.
Did you know that there are many kinds of weasels?

She called the male person and they watched this little guy while he CHIP, CHIP, CHIPPED away.
He is rather cute.
He kept poking his little head out and going back under the steps.

He looked this way....

...and he stared some more at the publicist.
Then he ran completely under the steps!
Maybe he was going to go home.

No. No he was not.
He came around the side!

He came out a bit further.
Was he going to make a run for it?
He did run, but not very far....

....he went up on the deck of the yurt!
He hid behind the wood box!

To be continued!

Harry will finish the story on Farm Cat Friday

ps: he is a Short Tailed Weasel, also called a Stoat and sometimes known as an Ermine


  1. He is really cute. Hope Harry doesn't hurt him. I guess they probably do a lot of damage to most anything. Have a great day.

  2. Oh my GOSH...he is CUTE!! Is this a good thing or a bad thing that he is there?? I hope Harry didn't eat him. :(

  3. he's just beautiful! hope he survives!

  4. He is simply darling. Hope he makes his home somewhere nearby.

  5. Beautiful, but they can be quite vicious. I guess I hope Harry doesn't get him, though.

  6. Hope the farm cats are careful around him cause he looks pretty serious. And cute....

  7. He's very cute! We can't wait to see what happens next!

  8. We've never seen one of those before. He's very cute!

  9. Of course, we want to know if he"tasty".

  10. He looks like a ferret! I still think he’d make some warm gloves.

  11. I hope no farm kitty eated the visitor! He's cute ;-)

    But not as cute as that new little baby goatie! Sooooooooo adorables!

  12. He's so cute ! Mum saw only once in her life an ermine ; it was winter, and it was all white with a black tip at the end of the tail. We hope that Mr. or Ms. Weasel will survive his adventure with the Farm Cats ! Purrs

  13. MOWZERS!!! Stay away from Allie, dood! She just brought Mommy a "present". Mom squealed.


Maaaaaa away....


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