Friday, August 15, 2014

Those Other Goats Think They Beet Me Out

Those other goats think they have something over on me.
They think that since I got my greens first that their beet greens will last longer.
They are not too smart, are they.

I don't really care about those does but doesn't my studmuffin look cute?
I could watch him eating greens all day long.
You can't have him - he's mine!

Of course AbbyGoat hogged had her share
She never misses a treat!

Louise is eating for two (or three?) so the publicist made sure she got her fair share.
A soon to be nanny goat needs her vitamins!

Poor little Bernadette.
She is low goat in the pen so the others pick on her.
She had to run and hide to get her greens
But the publicist made sure she had her very own pile.

Don't worry about Thelma the goat either. She had a nice big pile too.
The publicist just didn't get any good pictures of her.

I wonder what will come out of the garden next?


  1. Looks like those beet greens were a bit with everyone! Yum!!!

  2. Poor Bernadette - I think she should get extra greens to make up for her lack of status.

  3. Poor Bernadette, it's normal she's low if the other goats always steel her greens ! Don't we say "Eat your greens and you'll grow up" ? MOL ! We know that the Publicist takes good care of everyone ! Purrs

  4. Oh Bernadette, you need to come live with us. The cats won't boss you around and the donkeys are afraid of goats. You are so cute but the glad you got your own little pile of greens.
    Please tell the Publicist that our soap and thank you very very much.

  5. It made us sad that sweet Bernadette is a low goat. How could the other goats treat the next Spokesgoat that way?

  6. That certainly seemed like a bumper harvest of beets to me! Hmmm, Inneresting that goats have a pecking order too.

  7. Beets! Mommy says those are icky so we're glad you all like 'em!

  8. Do the beet greens stain your teeth pink? I just wanted to say that Abbygoat is looking great & it looks like she regained the weight she lost last winter when she was not feeling well. I though Alex was low goat on the totem pole or is Alex living in a separate pen these days? Don;t worry Bernadette, hopefully Louise will have at least one girl kid that you can soon boss around & feel superior to. Hey! Whatever happened to the mystery project the Male Person was going to build where the stink tree was pulled out or did I miss the post revealing the mystery or is that still a work in progress? Boy, it's hard to keep up with all the stuff that goes on at the farm.

    1. Alex can still squeeze in between the two pens so he goes back and forth. Thelma is a bit of a bully goat so she protects Alex. The male person has added that project to his ever expanding "to do" list which means it will probably never get did.

  9. It is very good of the publicist to make sure each goatie gets his or her share of the goodies where it can be safely enjoyed! She is a good goatie-Mom, isn't she?


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