Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Someone Sent Me a Present!

It's true!
I would not lie.
Let me start a while back.

You will recall that the publicist was giving me apples every day.
It turned out it was a way for her to give me SomaPet - a way to perk up my old bones.
The publicist mentioned that she didn't have enough green papers to buy me any more.
Well someone sent me some in the mail!

Isn't that very nice?
When the publicist showed me I couldn't believe it!
I was a happy and humbled goat.

Thank you mystery SomaPet sender.

I am enjoying it on my apples in the morning.
(The publicist still gave me apples even though she did not have the SomaPet.)

I do love apples.
They are very tasty.
Don't you agree?
Now I eat them and I can happily trot down to my pen.

Although I seem to always be followed by a chicken.
I think they want my grain.

But what they don't know is that it is ORGANIC grain.
Yes, we have switched over so that we are all on fully organic feed.
We goats and the chickens too.
Whether we like it or not.

Actually I will maaaa you a secret.
Do not tell the male person.
We all actually LIKE the organic feed.
We won't eat the old feed now. If the publicist gives it to us we turn our noses up at it.

We are cantankerous goats, aren't we.
Well, somegoat has to keep that male person on his toes.
Why not let it be me.

So now that I have had my delicious apples, my energizing SomaPet and my healthy organic grain I am going to smile and sit in the sun.
That chicken is eating my grain isn't it?

Stupid bird.


  1. How awesome that somebody sent you more SomaPet, Pricilla! That was so very nice of them!

  2. How very wonderful of the Mystery person! We hope the Somapet, apples, ORGANIC grain will help you feel and look younger, Priscilla. We hope that chicken treats your grain feeder with respect and not make a mess in it.

  3. Grreat that a mystery person sent you SomaPet , Priscilla !
    By the way my name is Charlie Rascal and I+, a birman from Sweden and a furiend to CK :)

  4. You look quite happy. Don't pay that chicken any mind.

  5. Oh Pricilla, you are looking so darn good and we are glad to see you again. That was so nice of someone to send you the Somapet. Now you can prance around like a young goat. You all of have a great Thursday.

  6. That is so cool that somebuddy sent you some SomaPet, Pricilla. Now your old bones can continue to feel good.

  7. That was very nice of someone to send you the stuff to make you feel frisky! You are looking very beautiful Pricilla!

  8. What a nice gift from that Mystery Person ! We can see you're happy ! And yes, the stupid chicken is eating your grain. Purrs

  9. Whoa! Pricilla, you look all happy and look at your coat shining. I think that SomaPet has done the trick. Now to get the chicken out of your feed.

  10. Awww. Such a sweet old gal. :) Looking good, Pricilla!

    I was telling the guys at work today about your chickens. They did not know that they eat mice...but NOW they do! I told them they are "stupid" like the Publicist says.

  11. Well WE think cantankerous looks GOOD on you!


Maaaaaa away....


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