Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Spool Broke!

Luke the goat here.
I showed you a picture of my pen yesterday.
Something was missing.
Many of you said goats were missing.
This was nominally true but the real thing missing

...was my SPOOL!
It broke!
But I did not think it would disappear.

I looked all over for it but it was no longer anywhere to be seen.
And the male person took it out of my pen.
The publicist did not get photos of the breaking.
Which is good. It was not pretty.

But now the only way I can keep an eye on my does is by hopping on my goat house.
It is not tall enough!
It is not big enough!
It is not studly enough!

I am a toughbuck!
I am the king of the Farm.
I need a new spool.

Don't you agree?


  1. Well, DUH, Luke, of course you need a new spool! Was there even any question?

  2. I bet that male person will get you a new spool Luke. That is such an important part of a goat's life, especially yours Luke.

  3. or something. we hear the male person is pretty handy - maybe he can build you something

  4. I am sure the male person can build you something...I mean you are King!!!! and you need to watch over your kingdom!

  5. We hope you'll get a new spool very soon ! Purrs

  6. Absolutely, Luke. We don't understand why you don't have a new one already.

  7. We bet the male person will replace your spool with an even better one since you deserve it Luke!


Maaaaaa away....


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