Friday, August 1, 2014

Luke Week: SuperModel Luke

Sometimes Luke the goat seems to think he is a SuperModelGoat.
I don't know how this idea popped into his head.

He sits on his spool like he is waiting for his picture to be taken.
And what do you know - the publicist takes his picture!

He is one handsome looking goat isn't he.
I like my studmuffin.
He can be silly at times though.
It's part of what makes him fun.

I wonder what he thinks he is doing here?
Maybe it's goat yoga?
What do you think?

He can also get a bit flirty.
If you were a goat, would you resist?
I think not!

But he is OUR Luke.
And we won't share!


  1. We wanted to make some "horny" comment but Mommy said no...

  2. Oh Luke you are just so handsome. No wonder all the ladies around there think you are special. Have a great day.

  3. Luke is certainly a very handsome Buck! He has such a lovable look and we especially love that first photo.

  4. You're pawsome, Luke, and you're very good at playing the supermodel ! Purrs

  5. Yep, he's quite the studmuffin. ;)

  6. He is a looker when it comes to goats.

  7. Yes, CK's right--he's quite the looker and I wouldn't mind having me some a them horns, but you know what? We don't think we want you to share, really. We'd be a little nervous with him in the living room. Eeks!

  8. Yep, Luke is a studmuffin and he knows it!

  9. Gotta keep those horns and hooves shined for the ladies.


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