Monday, August 4, 2014

Luke Week - Luke Waves Goodbye for the Last Day of Luke Week

Luke really enjoyed being the center of attention on the blog for a whole week!
He usually gets minimal attention and maaaas that he felt very special having all of these posts focused on him. He thinks there should be more Luke Weeks in the future  - what do you think?

It has been quite warm so most of us have been just hanging out in the shade as much as we can.

Luke included.
We save our energy for when it is cooler

He does look cute sitting under his spool, doesn't he?
You note how he is waving to you with his hind hoof.

He is a clever buck.
He will still make appearances on the blog because he is an important member of the Farm family.
Awww, he has the shys.

He thanks you for all of your kind comments.
Be ready for regular goat fun starting tomorrow!


  1. We LOVE seeing Luke! What a studmuffin.

  2. I love Luke! I'm always happy when he's featured on the blog.

  3. We're happy that Luke was featured on your blog as we discoverd it only a few weeks ago ; we know everyone now ! Purrs

  4. You are very talented to wave with a back foot, Luke

  5. I've loved getting to know Luke better...tell him not to be a stranger!

  6. Glad you got to be on the blog for a whole week Luke, Bet Abby is jealous, not to mention Pricilla. You all have a great Tuesday.

  7. We enjoyed Luke Week and we look forward to more!

  8. We sure have enjoyed seeing Luke all week! He's a handsome guy.

  9. It's always nice to be in the spotlight from time to time. And heavens yes, his role is pretty dang important.

  10. We've enjoyed seeing Luke all week! We got to see his sensitive side as opposed to his more, uh, bucky side! :D

  11. I DID like focusing on Luke this week and his cute wavy foot! such a sweet boy.


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