Sunday, August 3, 2014

Luke Week - Good to the Last Piece

That Luke the goat really enjoys his hay.
I mean he REALLY enjoys his hay.
Every morning the publicist gives him his flake of hay on top of his recycled Shop-Vac and he tears into it.

He spreads it around his pen and he eats up all the best bits.
Doesn't he look blissful?
You would think he would go off an graze in his pen now, wouldn't you?

Not our Luke!
He knows there is gold to be found.
Goat gold!

He doesn't let any of it get away from him!
One day that thing is going to get that thing stuck on his head!

Then he noticed the publicist.
What an opportunity!

He put on his sweetest smile and maaaed, "Do you have any treats for me?"
What do YOU think happened?


  1. We bet he got something tasty to top off that thar goat dust!

  2. Oh, I am sure he got treats - Luke knows how to sweet talk ALL the ladies!

  3. Did you get apples, Luke? You are such a sweet sweet boy.

  4. We bet Luke got yummy treats ! Purrs

  5. We bet he came and asked for a nice treat. Maybe he stood on the fence. Anyway we bet he got that treat.

  6. He knows the treat person when he sees her!

  7. TREATS!!! not that we would wish ill on Luke, but man we hope the publicist gets a picture if that gets stuck on his head MOL

  8. I see some strawberries or apples in his future. Maybe even some JuicyFruit gum.

  9. Such a handsome fella that Luke. I am just betting with the trot in his step there were for sure treats to be had. ;o)

  10. With that sweet look....I bet he got a treat!

  11. We bet you licked that clean, Luke!

  12. We bet Luke got lots of treats!

  13. I'm surprised he can get his head in there with those horns!! He is certainly a very many goat. I think he deserves LOTS of treats!

  14. I think that good boy get himself some treats is what I think!


Maaaaaa away....


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