Friday, August 8, 2014

Abby Goes a Visitin'

I decided I did not want to just stay in my goat pen so I decided to go visit the publicist in the yurt.
I am AbbyGoat so I can go wherever I want - right?
This place looks like it needs some work.
What is UP with that?

I'd better give it a good inspection.
AbbyGoat is ON THE JOB!
There is an awful lot of cat stuff in this yurt.
Man - those Farm cats have the life.

Everywhere I look there are cat toys, cat beds, loungers, scratchers.
We goats don't have this much stuff.
I think I am going to start a strike.

What do you mean it's time for me to leave?
I am not done with my inspection.
I still have rooms to see!
I still have complaints to make!

OK OK. I get it.
Don't worry though, I'll be back.


  1. You should maaaa for more toys, beds, and loungers for you, Abby, and for your own yurt ! We wonder.... Are you going to have a baby goat ? The last picture lets us think so... Purrs

  2. Oh No Abby, did you get kicked out of the Yurt. That isn't fair at all. We think there should be several goat hammicks. Surely someone can make one of those for you all. Enjoy your Saturday.

  3. abby, you're looking mighty wide to fit thru those hallways!

  4. I agree, Abby, you look like you are gaining a lot of pounds! Maybe you do need to go on strike to get some neat goat toys. In the meantime have a good weekend and try to stay out of trouble!!

  5. Did you sample some of those scratchers while you were there, Abbygoat?

  6. i would go on strike! those cats get everything1

  7. Does she damage the floor walking around on the bare wood?

    1. No. The bamboo is tough and her hooves are clipped. No worse than the publicist's cowboy boots.

  8. Abby, you are one lucky goat to visit in such high-falutin' places. Don't poop on the floor, or you will lose your welcome. Just sayin'

  9. AbbyGoat...yurt inspector. You need business cards. :)

  10. How can there be no goat stuff in the yurt? What an outrage!

  11. Maybe you can organize a protest for all the goats to have a yurt too!

  12. The yurt definitely needs some goat stuff, Abby!

  13. Abby, you should just move on in!

  14. I think everyone has covered everything....You need your own yurt with your own bed and toys and someone to wait on you...Go girl!


Maaaaaa away....


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